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Pranburi Forest Park • Prachuap Khiri Khan • Thailand

A small mangrove forest park about 3.2 km², situated in Pran Buri District of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, about 25 km south of the popular tourist destination of Hua Hin. The park is popular for its mangrove forest walk and birds.

Followed by a visit from the Thai Royal Family, the park was established as a forest recovery project in 1982. The park area was partly shrimp farms, after a successful program, the farms were turned into forests.

The forests in the park are mainly mangrove, mixed deciduous, and pine trees along the coast. The mangrove forests are next to the Pran Buri River where the river reaches the Gulf of Thailand, consequently affected by the tides.

The main attraction of the park is a kilometer-long boardwalk over the mangrove forests. It is also possible to explore the forests by boat when possible.

Pranburi Forest Park Map ▶▶ https://goo.gl/maps/4RSj67PE3z8o6BdF8

:: Walking Tour Route ::

00:18 ▶▶ 1st Check Point
04:02 ▶▶ 2nd Check Point
07:50 ▶▶ 3rd Check Point
10:06 ▶▶ 4th Check Point
13:25 ▶▶ 5th Check Point
16:00 ▶▶ 6th Check Point

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